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Orders placed by 4pm EST ship within 2 business days!
Orders placed by 4pm EST ship within 2 business days!

Peel Off Base Coat by Sundara Nails 15ml

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Peel Base can be used under dip powder so that you can remove the dip powder without having to file or soak off.

If you like or have used UNT peel base, you should definitely like this one! I find that Sundara's goes on thinner, dries faster, and pops off easier!

From the manufacturer:

How to Apply

Step 1: Clean Nail Plate. Clean any remaining impurities on nail surfaces.

Step 2: Apply 2-3 thin layers of Peel Off Base Coat. Wait 5-6 minutes until the base coat is completely dry.

Step 3: Apply Gel, Dip powders, etc..


Step 1: File around the outside of nail. Gently push and lift with a Cuticle Wood Stick/nail tip/ or a tool that fits under nail. Gently push and lift until the color pops off. 

Step 2: Clean Residue with Nail polish remover and clean any remaining residue with a Q-Tip and nail polish remover.

Watch the You Can Do Nails YouTube tutorial on peel base application here.