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Orders placed by 4pm EST ship within 2 business days!
Orders placed by 4pm EST ship within 2 business days!

Gelly Tip Starter Kit Almond Medium Length by ten x tina handcrafted dip powder®

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This Gelly Tip Starter Kit is the easiest way to do nail extensions! The gelly tips are pre-shaped and ready to go. 

These easy-to-apply nail extensions can be a time-saving alternative compared to traditional nail enhancements.

Gelly tips are designed to last up to 3 weeks and can be used as a base for dip powder or gel polish.

Gelly Tip Starter Kit Includes:

  • Cleanse & Bond Nail Prep 15ml
  • Gel Base Coat
  • Build or Bond Extension Gel
  • Medium Almond Real Gel Tips 240ct Box
  • Flash Me Curing Lamp



Before starting, size each nail and snap off from you tip tree. Then, using an e-file or hand file, buff the inside of your tip where it will meet your natural nail.

1. Prep your natural nail by pushing back your cuticles

2. Apply cleanse and bond to every nail on 1 hand. Allow 2 mins to dry.

3. Apply a thin layer of gel base, and cure for 30 seconds.

4. Open your build and bond gel, and apply a small amount onto the inside of the tip (if you find, going forward, that you have air bubbles, it's helpful to apply a very thin layer of build or bond gel to your nail plate also).

5. Holding the tip with your opposite hand, butt it up against, but not under your cuticle at a 45 degree angle and slowly roll it down toward your free edge.

6. Holding the tip secure still, press the power button on your flash me lamp, and cure for 30 seconds.

7. Repeat process on every nail.

8. Once you have your tips applied, please do a second 30 second cure on each nail to fully cure.

If you intend to dip on top of your gelly tips, but the surface of them as you would you natural nail, them continue as usual.

If you are a peel base user, it is typical to put a layer of clear dip directly on the gelly tip before applying your peel base.