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Orders placed by 4pm EST ship within 2 business days!
Orders placed by 4pm EST ship within 2 business days!


My name is Nancy Hutanu, and I'm the proud owner of this shop! I've always loved nail enhancements (acrylics) and used to go to the salon. But I eventually gave up salon visits when I started saving for a house. 

Then in early 2020, I started doing dip nails at home. I was so excited that I could do my own nails at home! I became obsessed with all the incredible dips and ease of use!

First, I started with some mainstream brands, but it didn't take long for me to fall in love with all the incredible smaller dip companies. I just couldn't get enough of all the unique dips, especially the glitter, foil. and foil dips! I was so inspired by the creativity and artistic vision of the dip creators! 

My obsession grew into a DIY dip nail blog, ambassadorships with two dip companies, and now this shop! For a long time now, I've dreamt about having a one-stop shop will all the best dip powders and other nail products! My goal is to inspire people to start doing their nails at home and provide the best brands, selection, and shopping experience in the industry. I believe EVERYONE should be able express themselves through nail art, regardless of gender or other societal constructs. 

I run this shop out of my home in Jacksonville, Florida and I'm looking to grow my portfolio as well as expand into a physical retail shop! Eventually, I'd love to offer customers a safe, welcoming space to view swatches in real life! 

If you are a dip user or a dip company owner and would like me carry a particular brand or product line, feel free to reach out!